Resettled : Engr Gubio paid visit to Resettled Auno Residents, Meets Community leaders and Security Agencies

Engr Gubio paid visit to residents of Auno And Meets Community leaders and security agencies, access standard of living. Inspect ongoing Construction of 500 housing units.
The Honourable Commissioner Ministry of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement RRR Engr Mustapha Gubio paid unscheduled visit to Modu Bukarti Village Of Auno Community, two weeks After Resettlement.
Engr Gubio was at Modu Bukarti Village two weeks after Resettlement to access the living conditions and livelihood of the returnees. Modu Bukarti Village was attacked and destroyed by Boko Haram whereby the Borno State Government through the ministry of RRR rehabilitated the destroyed houses and buildings and Constructed newly 80 housing units purposely for the returnees.
The Honourable Commissioner also met with Community leaders and security agencies and also proceeded to Inspect Ongoing Construction Of 500 Houses Unit in Auno town

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